Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s one of Cana’s core values to give back to our community. This year, we were delighted to offer free summer English sessions and 4 Moriah Scholarships to students coming from financially underprivileged backgrounds.

Free Summer English sessions:

We have worked with San Wui Primary School to offer free summer English sessions to their students. We hope to provide students with an opportunity to increase their exposure to English, in addition to stimulating their interest to learn the language. Students have studied topics including occupations, geography, music and many more. We hope to extend our program to more students next year!

2013 CANA Elite Moriah Scholarship

We are delighted to announce that a total of 4 Moriah scholarships have been awarded to students from primary 3 to primary 6. These students come from financially underprivileged backgrounds but have good conduct at school, participate in extracurricular activities or have good academic ability. We hope that the cash awards will serve as recognition for students’ hard work and will allow them to purchase more educational resources to facilitate their learning. We hope to extend our scholarships to more students next year!