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The IB was tough and grueling program, but I credit my peers, teachers and the wonderful tutors at Cana for providing a challenging and fulfilling environment for me to learn. Cana tutors are not only knowledgeable in their fields but also approachable; willing and able to answer any questions I had on hand. Overall, I'm really happy with completing the IB and I can definitely say that the feeling of accomplishment after receiving my score made all the hard work worth it." 

- Eunice, Canadian International School, 45/45

CANA's support was invaluable in helping me attain a place in both Hong Kong and UK Medical schools. The advice and information I received from their experts were invaluable in helping me select the correct university, while their rigorous interview training program definitely prepared me for the challenging MMI interview format. CANA helped me every step of the way, from providing a UKCAT training session to helping perfect my personal statement by meeting with me on a weekly basis. With a course as competitive as medicine, the detailed support and feedback sessions from CANA's experts were incredibly useful, and allowed me to obtain a conditional offer despite not taking Biology. I can say with certainty that I definitely would not have been as successful with my application if I did not receive CANA's guidance.

- N. Ng, 44/45 in IB, obtained offers from UK and HK medical schools

The personal statement determines the first impression of the professors on you, a strong personal statement puts you in a favourable position. CANA tutors helped me to construct a clear structure of my PS, explore the ideas with me in each of the body paragraph and in the end, the tutors helped me to polish my language. The tutors also pushed me forward, to make sure that I didn’t procrastinate to the last minutes. The package also includes interview tutoring by Oxbridge students. They prepared me well with all types of interview questions, and put me in a real atmosphere of the interview, so that I felt less nervous in the real interview.

- M. L., Victoria Shanghai Academy, 44/45 in IB and obtained offer from Oxford Physics

The best part of participating in CANA's US Uni Application was meeting the most friendly, most considerate and most knowledgeable consultant who assists you in selecting universities that accommodate your preferences. With CANA's assistance the whole application process went much more smoothly than expected, and meetings were always filled with the right amount of laughter and seriousness. Personally I have benefited most from the careful drafting and editing of my personal essays as well as the many encouragements and support from my consultant. CANA makes things easier in what is known to be a difficult and tiring journey.

- Anson, Yew Chung International School

The tutor, being a graduate of Law from Cambridge is very familiar with both legal concepts and the Oxbridge interview style.  He is also one of the most articulate, critical and intelligent people I have ever met.  Before our sessions, he gave me extensive reading material to prepare myself for the mock interviews. During the sessions, he pushed and challenged me with the toughest and most difficult interview scenarios and questions.  In many cases I didn't know how to answer them.  But he taught me that the most important focus was the reasoning process, not the answer itself.  The training proved to be extremely applicable during my real interview, which was actually a breeze compared to some of the interview questions the tutor set for me.

- Brian, successful applicant to Law at Oxford

Thank you Cana! The teachers are all very nice and funny, and I’ve learnt a lot from them. My grads in Math have especially improved. I love the lessons here.

- Alison, Yew Chung International School

CANA Elite has always been a great help for my exams and application to universities. I find the notes and talking through past paper questions extremely helpful in understanding the context as well as mastering the exam techniques. AS results and university application have been successful thanks to the tuition lessons and genuine advice from tutors, and I am really grateful for the support I get from here. Even when I was in the UK, Agnes and Joyce still managed to offer help through emails and Skype. Thank you! :)

- Patrick, Mathematics, Cambridge

It is certainly my pleasure to be a student of Cana Elite. As the quality education provided, the tutors have gone through what as a student would possibly go through; they would be able to provide professional expertise and guideline of achieving the goal of being a successful student. Also, since of the dedicated attitude of the tutors, this has influenced and encouraged me to aim high and strongly provoke my work ethic upon my educational attitude. At last, you definitely could not find this, the professional, experienced and comprehensive tutorial service, in any other tutorial Centre. Thank you.

- Maggie, Warminster School

I have been studying SAT for about a year now and have seen significant improvement in the math component of my SAT. He is able to teach me how to tackle seemingly difficult math questions by thinking outside the box, shortening that time taken to solve questions, of which is crucial in a standardised test such as the SAT. With the appropriate amount of drilling and effort, I am certain that Tim can help your improve your SAT score.

- Celeste, GSIS

Words cannot express my gratitude towards the tutors. With the help, I have successfully obtained 3 A* and 1A in my GCE, which I would not expect to obtain at all when I first enrolled. Not to mention her guidance in my successful application into my dream school and program. I would therefore strongly recommend it to everyone because you never know how much you will gain from here.

- Vincent, Law, Kings

Cana teachers are experienced and dedicated – they’d go out of their way to make sure that I am well prepared for tests and assessments. I feel perfectly comfortable asking both difficult and easy questions because my teachers are understanding and accommodating. They answered each question with clarity and patience.

- Teddy, Li Po Chun, 44/45

The preparation offered by Joyce and other tutors helped a lot, as they trained me to think extensively and present my thoughts in an organised manner. Through the mock interviews, I learnt to expect the unexpected and got used to answer challenging questions so that I remained confident during the real interviews.

- Chung, Psychology, Cambridge

I am soooooo happy i got an A* for maths! I got 100 for C1, 100 for C2, 94 for C3, 90 for C4 :D so glad i don't have to do any more Maths. Thank you for all the help you've given me. The tutors here are helpful and friendly to all the students. The classes are instructive, and definitely enhanced my abilities to do well in public exams. Thank you CANA ELITE! :-)

- Joey, Headington School Oxford

I am very grateful for having a passionate Biology tutor at Cana. Not a second has been wasted in our lessons. With passion, patience and intelligence, our tutor has led and guided us through our journey in DP.

- Katie, ISF, 42/45

The mock interviews gave me an opportunity to consider difficult and controversial issues, and come up with possible solutions quickly. The preparation was very helpful, and I was a lot more confident going into the actual interview. From initially brainstorming ideas to the final draft, I was given support every step of the way. I was very satisfied with the final product, and I felt the personal statement really reflected me in an essay. My application was without a doubt much stronger thanks to all the advice I received!

Law, Xian

IB won't be hard when you've got Cana's teachers helping and guiding you. You get all the support and attention, even when it's out of lessons. I really appreciate how my tutors made mock papers and specific revision notes when they see me struggling to understand a certain concept. Cana is the only tuition centre where I genuinely feel that the teachers have a heart in teaching his/her students, it feels like my second home. I wish I came to Cana earlier and I have already recommended this tuition centre to many friends in Y11 and Y12.

- Nat, West Island School, 43/45

I am very impressed with the quality of the tutors. They are able to identify the students’ problem at once, maybe even before the students realize, and are able to deliver suitable and effective measures to help students. A struggling student will improve a lot; a proficient student will be able to further secure their marks. A truly wonderful education centre.

- Richard, DBS, 44/45

Words cannot express my gratitude towards Cana Elite and its tutors. With the help, I have successfully obtained 3 A* and 1A in my GCE and overall 7.5 in IELTS, which I would not expect to obtain at all when I first enrolled. Not to mention her guidance in my successful application into both King’s College London and the University of Hong Kong’s law school. I would therefore strongly recommend anyone who is planning to study abroad in the near future to enroll related course in Cana Elite. You never know how much you will gain from here.

- Vincent, St. Paul’s Co-ed

I find that the IB math lessons at CANA are both interactive and useful. The tutors here are very caring and pay close attention to areas of weaknesses of students. They always encourage students to ask questions, which makes lessons very efficient and fun! I am able to learn concepts ahead of classes at school, which helps me prepare a lot better for tests! In addition, doing the exam-style practice questions given by tutors has significantly improved my grades and makes me feel more confident! Thank You CANA! :)

- Pinky, Singapore International Schoo

Joyce is more than an experienced tutor for IB Economics. Her palpable passion for teaching and education sets her apart from most teachers, who merely offer a shortcut to academic success in form of test taking tricks and hacks. Thank you for helping me earn a Level 7 in IB Economics, the right way - by putting in the hard work!

- Hampton, St. Paul Co-ed, 44/45

Canaelite is a special place throughout my IB journey - in fact, it always acts as a turning point. Similarly, by only giving a few words of advice, Canaelite made my history internal assessment a unique one that stood out from the class. There are many more examples but to conclude in one sentence: Canaelite helped me to secure my good grade - because it helped me to seek passion within the coursework.

- Martin, Creative Secondary School, 43/45

My overall score was 41 which I was so happy with and I went from getting low 5's in chemistry to 7 from Cana elites help. The most helpful part was going over how to answer questions to get the full marks which is where I struggled, this made taking the final exam a lot less stressful as I knew how to answer the final questions.

- Adelaide, Canadian International School, 41/45

Tim was able to help me find areas that I was weaker at, and help improve on those areas effectively for the exam.

- Mingo

Notes are very useful, they help me a lot in the exam. Teachers explain the concepts clearly and in a fun way for easier understanding.

- Daniel, Prior Park College

Amazing teachers, useful notes and great worksheets that completely covered what we have learnt in the lesson.

- Jacky, GSIS

Very nice, resourceful teachers. Past papers are useful for training and polishing skills. There are also challenging questions to answer and extend my knowledge.

- Patrick, La Salle College

The preparation helped me immensely during the university application process. The program was structured so that students would always be way ahead of the crucial deadlines. This helped me a lot, especially since the IB program is hectic enough itself! For me, the most useful part of the course was when the supervisors offered me excellent advice on how to develop my personal statement, as well as how to prepare for an interview situation. The experience was definitely very useful, and I would highly recommend it!

- Cherri

I really enjoyed my lessons at Cana with Tim. He showed me how to think outside the box when it came to challenging problems, and always made the lesson fun and engaging. If we ever finished the material for the day early, he came up with interesting and extremely difficult questions for me to do. And whenever I wasn’t able to complete them, he would baffle me by showing me an easy solution. Tim helped me not only with my mathematics, but also with my college applications – which he wasn’t required to do. Without him, I would probably not have done as well as I did, on SAT Reasoning Math and SAT II Math. Thanks for everything Tim!

- Matthew

The teachers are very good and have been very helpful.

- Adrian, Independent Schools Foundation

Very customizable program follows the current progress of the school.

- Andrew, Creative Secondary School

Chemistry is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Thanks CANA! :D

- Emmy, German Swiss International School

Cana provides valuable advice on college selection which helps my daughter to develop an appropriate college list and find a best fit college. We have a better understanding of the U.S. college admission processes. Cana also provides good guidance in selecting essay topics and approaches which allow Esther to articulate who she is and what matters to her in a genuine and impressive way.

- Mrs. Ng, mother of E.Ng, South Island School Parents

With 6 weeks left and the whole syllabus for the SAT II Math 2 Subject Test to be covered, I felt hopeless and stressed.  Thanks to my tutor’s enthusiasm and positive energy, I got over the fear and managed to learn the whole syllabus in 6 weeks!  The tutor explained things thoroughly and made the classes fun.  He always made sure I understood everything.  Thank you so much - I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

- Sherry, Island School

Compared to other tuition centres, I feel that CANA is not only better on teaching, their tutors take time to understand student’s learning style and needs-which I think is essential to become a good tutor!

- Joyce, Canadian International School

Useful sessions to help clear up uncertainties and improve on exam skills.

Karen, Victoria Shanghai Academy

I think the teachers are very friendly and good at teaching.

- Andy Li, Bootham School

The services of CANA is excellent and the tutors are very friendly. Tutors also have a sense of humor which makes the lesson more alive!

- Marcus, Oundle School

The tutors are absolutely amazing! They are all very enthusiastic at healpinh students to overcome their academic difficulties. I have to say I am in awe with their expertise in IB.

- Frederick, Diocesan Boys' School

Every staff in CANA is very nice and kind. Joyce is a very inspirational teacher. Her teaching is very interesting and clear. She gives lecture whole-heartedly.

- Zera, St Paul’s Convent School