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Maximize your admission chance to the dream school! 90% of our students are admitted to their 1st or 2nd choice.

Our students are admitted to: Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Imperial, UCL, Warwick, Durham, Bristol, King’s, Queen Mary, Bath, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Exeter, York, Manchester, Leeds, St. Andrews, New Castle, East Anglia, Liverpool, Southampton etc. 

Our UK university application services include:

Schools and major(s) selection

To make sure that each student has chosen the major that they have basic understanding of and a genuine passion about, we first of all walk the student through a detailed map of the generic course structure the subject as well as the various divisions, and finally the respective career destination of each division. This also clarifies to the student the extra skills he needs to achieve his goal.

A right combination of school selection not only allows a student to get admitted to the schools that best leverage his credentials and personal interests, but also has great impact on his future academic or career prospects. At CANA, our experienced UK admission consultants know the schools and the admission system inside-out, carefully hand-picking schools that are well-matched with the learning style, academic goal and personal interests of each individual student. We also advice students on projects, voluntary/work experience that help a student to understand the subject in addition to building a stronger application.

Personal statement guidance

Personal statement speaks about yourself to the admission tutors before you have a chance to. Hence in this short essay (4000 character-long, usually within one page), you should demonstrate how your aspirations, your credential and skills, as well as your non-academic qualities that urges you and empowers you to be a fit candidate for the subject.

However, one of the observations we have is that even if a student has a lot of convincing facts to show, he’s not able to structure them into a compelling personal statement without being incoherent or falling in the cliché pattern which starts with long-established fascination.

At CANA, our expertise guides you from brainstorming the story lining of your aspiration, structuring your experience and credentials, all the way to highlighting the extra-curricular activities that best enhance your application.

Interview coaching

Students who apply for Oxbridge, competitive top universities or special disciplines like medicine and architecture are highly likely to be invited for interviews. They are usually divided into general interview and technical interview where the student’s learning style, academic hard skills and personalities are assessed for suitability for the course as well as the university.

At CANA, we provide coaching sessions and mock interviews for both general and technical interviews for various disciplines, conducted by graduates from respective disciplines at Oxbridge, knowing the best of what admission tutors are looking for. The student will be trained not only on approaching strange questions tactfully but also presenting a clear flow of thought process.

Reference guidance

As a fully accredited UCAS centre, we also act as a referee who can submit reference letter regarding the student’s academic performance. However for integrity sake as well as a fair observation, we only provide such academic reference for students who have regular tuition with us for over 6 months continuously before submission of their UCAS application.

Standardised testing

We provide one-on-one tuitions on standardized testing and aptitude tests for majors.

A list of tests for which tuition is available:




MAT (Oxford entry test)



PAT (Oxford entry test)





Thinking Skills Assessment



*This is not the entire list of aptitude tests we offer tuition on, please contact us for more information.

Application milestones management and monitoring

We set timeline and milestones for the entire application and monitor the process against the milestones timely selection of schools/majors, filling of forms, editing of personal statement and interview coaching.

For students who submit their UCAS application through our centre, we can also oversee the submission of reference and the entire application, as well as following up with updates or further information needed from the universities. For students who miss their offers or want to adjust their offers, we can also advice and give provisions on the relative actions needed.