CANA IBDP Economics HL/SL Study Guide Editor Profiles


  • Esther Chau graduated from University of Hawaii (MA) and University of Hong Kong in Economics (B.Soc Sc), both majoring in Economics. Esther is an exceptionally experienced educator with 20 years of experience in teaching Economics of this syllabus at the Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong. Esther is an examiner and the leader of the Economics teacher-training workshops. In addition, Esther is a member of the team responsible for developing the new Diploma Program Economics curriculum.
  • Joyce Wu graduated from the University of Cambridge with an MA and a BA degree in Economics. Joyce has been a student, and is an experienced teacher and an examiner of the curriculum. She has achieved 44/45 in the curriculum while being a student and has developed a perspective in teaching the curriculum. She has nurtured countless students to excel in numerous syllabuses, including this diploma curriculum, GCE and AP.