CANA IBDP Mathematics Standard Level Study Guide Editor Profiles


  • Nimal de Silva entered the field of international education after having completed degree courses at Mathematics Education and Statistics from universities in Sri Lanka. He has been teaching mathematics for this diploma curriculum for over 30 years in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong, including Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong. In addition to having over 20 years of experience as an examiner, he has also conducted workshops for students and teachers, as well as written a book on the formation of mathematical laboratories in schools.
  • Timothy T. Lee graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Over decades of teaching mathematics, he has nurtured countless students to excel and attain top scores in numerous syllabuses, including this diploma curriculum, GCE, AP, and SAT. Tim is the cofounder of CANA Elite Education Centre, directing the Mathematics department and U.S. University Application Services.